Next Generation Sensors

Next Generation Sensors


The evolution of Computer Vision is contingent on the advancement of sensory hardware. Historically, use of a smart device’s camera module has been the major focus of mobile Computer Vision; however, different types of sensors enable more sophisticated experiences and interactions. With these goals in mind, IT Researches has integrated ‘Thermal Touch’ into their portfolio of technologies – a system which can identify the objects we touch through sensing the warmth left on them by our fingers. Users can manipulate virtual content in a scene through physical interaction with the real world, creating a unique interface between the two.

Another emerging technology that is making an impact in Computer Vision is depth sensors, or “RGB-D” configurations. Depth sensing directly solves the problem of determining the distances object within a scene, and can be integrated with existing visual information to generate accurate and scale-correct reconstructions of environments in real-time. This has very tangible uses for product pre-visualization, equipment fitting, along with gesture and facial tracking. Additionally, RGB-D sensors enable occlusion of virtual content behind real objects that are closer to the viewer, an important achievement that makes virtually all AR experiences more realistic and integrated into real environments.

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