Next Best Action

Next Best Action

The right offer at the right time.

Send Customers the Right Message on the Right Channel at the Right Time

Go for a customer-centric marketing strategy and use IT Researches Solutions to determine the Next Best Action for each of your customers at any point in time. Driven by models capturing life-event patterns, buying behaviour, social media interactions, and other aspects, IT Researches can decide which customers need to be approached and on which channel; create the right message to send out to increase loyalty, intensify interaction with your organization and drive revenues. Easily integrate this information into your CRM and other relevant systems to provide a cross-channel experience on all connected sales points.

360 Degree Customer View

Get a holistic view of every single customer which will contain all the relevant information to interact with that customer. Not only know a customer’s past behaviour, but anticipate her future.

Increase Conversion

Understand paths for customer conversion and broaden these paths by focusing on receptive customers and adjusting your marketing outreach to the customers’ expectations.

Integrate Multiple Channels

Provide an integrated customer experience across all marketing and sales channels.

Anticipate Increased Mobility

Embrace the change towards mobile channels and easily integrate predictions from IT Researches into applications to boost the mobile experience.

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