Image classification

Image classification application.

Demonstrates performing image classification using the Bag of Visual Words (BoW) model with SURF features and the Binary Split algorithm.

The BoW model is used to transform the many SURF feature points in a image in a single, fixed-length feature vector. The feature vector is then used to train a Support Vector Machine (SVM) using a variety of kernels.

Handwriting (Multi-class SVM)

Handwriting recognition with SVMs.

Handwritten digits recognition by using Multi-class Kernel Support Vector Machines.

AI Life

Artificial Neural Networks are a recent development tool that are modeled from biological neural networks. The powerful side of this new tool is its ability to solve problems that are very hard to be solved by traditional computing methods (e.g. by algorithms).

This sample application demonstrates and simulates Artificial Life. The app implements three main technologies which are used in the Gaming industry and Robotics for coding intelligent agents. These are:

  1. Neural Networks
  2. Genetic Algorithms
  3. Steering Behaviours

This demonstration will implement each of these, and demonstrate their usefulness in creating Intelligent Agents.

The algorithms demonstrated are the core of almost every game.

Corners detection (FAST)

Corners detection using FAST.

Demonstrates how to perform corners detection using the FAST corners detector. As the name implies, the FAST detector is one of the fastest corners detectors available in the framework.


Wavelet image transformation.

The Wavelet sample application shows how to use the Wavelet transform filter to process images using wavelet transforms such as the Haar and CDF9/7.

Automatic Linguistic Indexing of Pictures

This application demonstrates how computers may be used in intelligent annotation of the audio, video or image media data content.

In this demo experiment we annotated the simple natural image categories. There are 5 ANN classifiers in the project corresponding to:

  • Pictures that might contain animals
  • Pictures that might contain flowers
  • Pictures that might contain landscapes
  • Pictures that might contain sunsets
  • Others pictures that do not contain the above categories or simply unknown image type
unknown category?