Time Series Prediction

Time Series Prediction sample application

This demonstration tries to solve yet another task with Genetic Programming and Gene Expression Programming. For the given time series it tries to build an algebraic expression, which calculates next time series value from the given known past values. Once a good expression is found during training phase, the expression may be tried to predict future data points from the last known values.

Hands Gesture Recognition

This sample demonstration uses motion detection as its first step and then does some interesting routines with the detected object – hands gesture recognition. Let’s suppose we have a camera, which monitors some area. When somebody gets into the area and makes some hands gestures in front of the camera, application should detect type of the gesture and raise an event, for example. When the hands gesture recognition is detected, the application may perform different actions depending on the type of gesture. For example, gestures recognition application may control some sort of device or another application sending different commands to it depending on the recognized gesture. What type of hands gestures are we talking about? This particular application recognize up to 15 gestures, which are combination of 4 different positions of 2 hands – hand is not raised, raised diagonally down, diagonally up or raised straight.

Hands Gestures Recognition

Head-based Controller

Sample application demonstrating how to use the Image Processing (Based on face tracking) to provide joystick-like controls for a Windows application.

Human Emotion Detection from Image

This Demonstration can detect human emotion from image. First, it takes an image, then by skin color segmentation, it detects human skin color, then it detect human face. Then it separates the eyes & lip from the face. Then it draws bezier curve for eyes & lips. Then it compares the bezier curve of eyes and lips to the bezier curves of eyes & lips that are stored in the data base. Then it finds the nearest bezier curse from the data base & gives that data base stored bezier curve emotion as this image emotion.

If the person’s emotion information is not available in the database, then the program calculates the average height for each emotion in the database for all people and then get a decision according to the average height.


Voice Command

The Voice Command Demo demonstrates a simple speech recognition by showing you the commands it recognizes.

The Voice Command interface is the high-level interface for speech recognition. It is designed to provide command and control speech recognition for applications. With this interface, a user gives the computer simple commands, such as “Open the file”, and can answer simple yes/no questions. Command and Control does not allow speech dictation.

Regression (Kernel SVM)

Regression with SVMs.

Function regression using (Kernel) Support Vector Machines.