Bio Informatics: Smart Bio

Smart Bio

Smart Bio is an application of common bioinformatics functions, intended to simplify the creation of life science applications.

The core application implements a range of file parsers and formatters for common file types, connectors to commonly-used web services such as NCBI BLAST, and standard algorithms for the comparison and assembly of DNA, RNA and protein sequences. Sample tools and code snippets are also included.

Bioinformatics Workflow designer and execution engine.


The Smart Bio allows you to create programs visually by connecting various components together in the designer and then persist them to an XML file which can either be run in the GUI designer, or from a command line tool.


It has two parts to it:

  1. A GUI designer which provides access to a set of pre-defined activities and the core WF activities. You can create, edit and save workflows to XML based files.
  2. A console based runner which can take a persisted WF and execute it providing both input and output capabilities.



You can then drag various activities from the toolbox on the left. Each activity can be selected and have properties changed in the property explorer on the bottom right of the screen.



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