Machine Learning on Big Data

Machine Learning on Big Data

Advanced analytics (Machine Learning) is the best way to exploit the opportunity presented by Big Data.

Machine learning incorporates data analyses covering predictive analytics, data mining, pattern recognition, and multivariate statistics.

Basic analytical methods used in Business Intelligence and Enterprise Reporting Tools reduce to reporting sums, counts, simple averages and running SQL queries. OLAP is a systematized extension of these basic analytics. Applying basic analytics is restricted to human scale activities and direction—meaning a human must specify what should be calculated. 


Unfortunately traditional analytics tools are not well suited to capturing the value hidden in Big Data. The volume of data is too large for comprehensive analysis. The range of potential correlations and relationships between disparate data sources, from back end customer databases through to live web based clickstreams, are too great for any analyst to test all hypotheses and derive all the value buried in the data.

Machine learning delivers on the promise of extracting value from big (and disparate) data sources. Not limited to human scale thinking and analysis, machine learning discovers the patterns buried in the data. Machine Learning runs at machine scale: it is data driven. It is ideally suited to the complexity of dealing with disparate data sources and the huge variety of variables and amounts of data involved. For machine learning, unlike for traditional analysis, the more data fed to a machine learning system, the more it can learn, resulting in higher quality insights.

IT Researches provides advanced analytics solutions that empower organizations to solve mission critical problems by transforming data assets into actionable intelligence. Through the combination of game-changing Machine Learning Algorithms, world-class data science expertise, and passionate focus on making complex systems easy to use.

We are your trusted Machine Learning partner. Our approach to providing solutions for big data streams involves high performance software, partnerships with leading providers of big data platforms, unmatched expertise, and commitment to your success. We provide you with better and faster results on the same data.

Our Experts work with you to ensure that you efficiently solve your Machine Learning challenges.

Our consulting services cover everything required to implement Machine Learning for big data.

Available Services:

  • Assessment of statistical methodology needs/possibilities

  • Custom machine learning modelling and algorithm design

  • Proof of concept projects

  • Data analysis pipeline design—initial demonstration through final tuning

  • Scalability planning (via Analytics Requirements Index)

  • Implementation architecture and integration

  • Analytics engine deployment and operation


You’re certainly no stranger to massive data sets and robust analytics. While you may have a well-established history of harnessing sophisticated computational capabilities to manage such efforts as trading and risk management, the ability to deliver faster results with higher accuracy will be a critical differentiator moving forward. With IT Researches, your organization can bring its analytics to an entirely different level—so your business can work smarter, faster, and more securely.

IT Researches can help corporate and retail banks, lenders, insurers, traders, and other organizations to more fully leverage information to gain actionable insight. IT Researches delivers innovative machine learning capabilities—equipping your organization with the big data analytics you need to:

Boost risk mitigation. IT Researches gives you the power to analyse more, which means you can get more accurate, precise, and useful insights than you have before. Spot trends and anomalies so you can detect and thwart the risks posed by rogue insiders and external criminals.

Respond faster. In the world of financial services, responsiveness is everything. For example, in the trading sector, delays of microseconds can have huge consequences. IT Researches delivers the dramatic performance gains that enable you to react—faster than before, and faster than the competition.


Use State-of-the-Art Machine Learning Technologies for Mission Critical Results

Government agencies are tasked with the challenges of serving its citizens with more efficient, effective, and transparent services on strict and often decreasing budgets. In order to increase operational efficiency, government agencies should turn to machine learning to analyse datasets, find patterns and anomalies, and make predictions about future events. IT Researches state-of-the art machine learning solutions can analyse both structured and unstructured data sets in real-time to produce fast, accurate, and scalable results that are up to 10,000 times faster than existing approaches. IT Researches provides a breadth of advanced machine learning methods that give predictions with the highest accuracy possible, surpassing what can be done with basic analytics. IT Researches makes cutting-edge methods and techniques from the research available to government and enterprises and is built from the ground up for Big Data.

IT Researches can help government organizations:

Detect and prevent fraudulent transactions, accounts, and vendors. Constant improvement of fraud detection capabilities is crucial to addressing rapidly shifting fraud scenarios. Compared to legacy solutions, IT Researches can incorporate and analyse more data across multiple channels, such as point-of-sales, web, and mobile to yield faster, real-time fraud analytics and forensics.

Identify anomalies or signatures to address proliferation, terrorism, money laundering, counterfeit devices, threats, and other criminal activity. Leverage your data assets to make informed decisions and detect suspicious activity before it’s too late.

Identify important information, trends, and triggers to highlight the most relevant and high impact information. IT Researches provides customized views of complex data, refocusing attention onto areas of relevance in relation to the problem at hand, as well as the opportunity to incorporate user feedback without setting hard rules that create permanent knowledge holes moving forward.

Cybersecurity. Identify abnormal activity, correlated nefarious patterns across multiple data types and inputs, and prescribe actions based on all the factors. Examples: insider threat, network design/operations, threat detection/alerting, and software defined networking.

Situational Profiling. Based on the information at hand, identify what is important and where to look. Customized view of complex data. Examples: risk heat map, identity intelligence, activity based intelligence (ABI)/object based production (OBP), and event/activity prediction.

Pattern of Life. Identify trends and correlations among different groups to detect various subtle and complex patterns. Deep customization of response based on thorough understanding of the players involved.

Additional use cases: Prescriptive Maintenance, Operations, Disease Control & Prevention


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