Facial Tracking

Facial Tracking


Facial Tracking is a branch of Computer Vision which involves running computations on facial image data. This type of software plays a distinct role in the future of AR and VR applications and will influence the future of the e-Commerce, security, video game, and communications industries.

IT Researches has seen considerable success in developments with our own facial tracking algorithms. Our software supports facial feature tracking with RGB sensors as well as future depth sensor configurations, known as RGB-D. The inclusion of depth data is an important development in facial tracking, as it enables robust 3 dimensional reconstructions of human faces as well as occlusion. Occlusion allows content such as hats, glasses, and jewelry to be correctly rendered behind or around the face when a user turns their head. This gives consumers a compelling and realistic experience for sampling on a variety of head worn products.

Ideal augmentations for the human face should change and adapt in accordance with variations in a user’s facial expression. This is necessary when facial tracking is used for gaming, in film or even product evaluation in the cosmetics industry. IT Researches ’s technology addresses this requirement with support for facial feature tracking, available on current generation mobile hardware.

The ability to create 3D, high fidelity reconstructions of human faces will open new doors for more visceral long-distance communication, improvement of product pre-visualization, increased immersion for video-games, strengthened security measures, as well as other areas of application.

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