Artificial Intelligence Implementation Consultancy

IT Researches offers consultancy services in all aspects of artificial intelligence. Company expertise in robotics, all aspects of image processing, intelligent control, and the commercial application of artificial intelligence is leveraged with an academic grasp of difficult methodologies in current advanced statistical problem solving and machine learning, to provide an unrivalled solution-finding approach to your important business needs.

Artificial intelligence (AI): is the ability of a machine to perform tasks and functions that simulates, as closely as possible features of human intelligence, These intelligent machines are deployed across many industries to solve extremely complex tasks.

Artificial Intelligence provides a cost effective way to carry out tasks that would otherwise be done by human employees. AI is easily scalable, integrates seamlessly with existing technology infrastructure and has proved an intuitive way to capture valuable customer insight including trending, social comments and live customer interaction. Find out more about how AI can transform the way you do business.

The major global market research companies (Gartner, Forrester, IDC etc) are forecasting a huge upsurge in the number of organisations who deploy artificial intelligence technology to improve customer service whilst at the same time reducing costs, These predictions are corroborated by organisations who have experienced the benefits of such deployments. Examples include Co-Op Bank, Ikea, VTR and Iberia together with those seen above.

As this shift to the use of artificial intelligence takes place, significant new opportunities will be created. Large budgets that today are used to pay for business processes to be undertaken by humans will, in the coming 5 year period, migrate to being used for AI capabilities.


Artificial Intelligence Consultancy


IT Researches is a leading independent advisor for the selection, deployment, advancement and ongoing management of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for Enterprise Business.
Based on six years of research IT Researches leverage extensive internal and partner resource to help businesses understand available technology and how it transforms customer touch points and internal processes to achieve business objectives.

Our business aim is to help successful companies become world-beating, ahead of the pack, market leaders – however you want to define success. If your company is not using artificial intelligence in its important processes then, maybe not this month, or next month, but soon, you will be overtaken by faster, leaner, more intelligent companies guided by artificial intelligence, and using artificially intelligent sensors, profilers, traders, or other application of AI.

IT Researches lay out a challenge. If you ask us to look at how artificial intelligence can help your business, and we don’t come up with efficiencies, cost-savings, significant improvements on processes, AI software that helps you make money, or other distinct advantages – you don’t pay

Typically our client engagement starts with an exploratory workshop to engage stakeholders, build a business case foundation based on agreed challenges and goals to underwrite next steps, and agree an AI technology road-map strategy to align with existing business activity.

AI enables people to interact with a great many connected devices using everyday words and phrases, what is referred to as natural language.

Enabling a system to respond to the user using everyday language creates the sense of natural dialogue, which enhances the experience and adds tangible and lasting value to both the consumer and the brand.

There is no doubt that AI technology for the Enterprise Business has matured and the use of AI for internal and external self service solutions is on the increase, IT Researches is constantly researching the diverse range of solutions, each of which has its own unique and differentiating technology.

Nearly all AI systems require at least six months of ongoing management following the initial deployment. The system will require ongoing tweaks and updates to enable it to be fully effective for the business.

The operationalization of the technology needs resource and input from experts such as computational linguists, business application and integration specialists and software engineers.

IT Researches team has extensive experience in delivering cutting edge technology solutions to Enterprise Businesses globally. We have deep understanding of service delivery and have the specialist skills in-house required for the most complex integration projects.

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AI Software Solution Development

We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies for custom AI software development in different industries like Transportation, eCommerce, Finance, and Healthcare.

  • Deliver AI integrated apps covering a variety of industries
  • Right mix of AI and ML expertise to offer quality solutions
  • AI technologies expert to help organizations boost productivity

AI Development Services

Smarter Businesses With Artificial Intelligence-based Software

Artificial Intelligence is remodeling the way we consume content, handle daily operations, address customer grievances, or make business decisions. From simple artificial intelligence solutions like chatbots to more complex virtual voice assistants like Siri and Alexa, there is some AI solution for every problem. With IT-Researches as your AI development company, smarter analytics is just an algorithm away.

At IT-Researches, we provide AI solutions for a number of industries ranging from education to banking and finance. Our AI engineers and developers have expertise in machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and other top technologies to expand your business with smart data. So if you are looking for artificial intelligence-based solutions or software to boost your business intelligently, then we will help you with our experience and knowledge to answer how to build an artificial intelligence app

We Can Create Artificial Intelligence Software For


logistics and transport

Banking and finance