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Artificial Intelligence Software Solutions

AI Software Solution Development

We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies for custom AI software development in different industries like Transportation, eCommerce, Finance, and Healthcare.

  • Deliver AI integrated apps covering a variety of industries
  • Right mix of AI and ML expertise to offer quality solutions
  • AI technologies expert to help organizations boost productivity

AI Development Services

Smarter Businesses With Artificial Intelligence-based Software

Artificial Intelligence is remodeling the way we consume content, handle daily operations, address customer grievances, or make business decisions. From simple artificial intelligence solutions like chatbots to more complex virtual voice assistants like Siri and Alexa, there is some AI solution for every problem. With IT-Researches as your AI development company, smarter analytics is just an algorithm away.

At IT-Researches, we provide AI solutions for a number of industries ranging from education to banking and finance. Our AI engineers and developers have expertise in machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and other top technologies to expand your business with smart data. So if you are looking for artificial intelligence-based solutions or software to boost your business intelligently, then we will help you with our experience and knowledge to answer how to build an artificial intelligence app

Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) allows computers to “learn” through data without explicit programming. ML engineers can support ongoing work or help your company explore ways to improve operations through data.

Natural Language Processing

NLP lets computers effectively process large amounts of natural human language. Whether through voice or text, NLP specialists can help your company better use language data, from processing to sentiment analysis.

Expert Systems

Expert systems, such as recommendation engines and diagnosis tools, solve complex problems by reasoning from existing knowledge. AI developers can implement expert systems within your company.


AI Design

AI design improves efficiency in the development of AI projects like chatbots while helping the experience feel more human. AI designers can help create better models and build trust with users.

Neural Networks

Neural networks are computer systems of interconnected nodes inspired by the human brain. AI developers can help your team create neural networks and use deep learning techniques to improve performance.


Computer Vision

Computer vision is a sub-domain of AI that mimics the human visual system. Computer vision experts focus on creating software to help computers acquire, process, analyze, and understand digital images or video.

IT Researches AI Services can help with the design, review and implementation of your contemplated AI system

Implementing AI and expert systems can be a fairly significant undertaking, and is usually at the heart of the system value proposition itself. By utilizing members of our team that are working with a broad set of algorithms and approaches on a daily basis, the time and costs associated with your project can be greatly reduced. We can even just review and provide written analysis of your project status, in addition to optionally building and integrating. Systems can be stand-alone PC – based or fully web-based. Hosted, local or embedded.

We can quickly determine which type of AI technology is most appropriate for your application. There are many types of AI technologies – Classifier Systems, Genetic Algorithms, Bayesian Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Natural Language Processing and Understanding, path-finding, neural networks, and even statistical and analytics-based rules systems. Our approach is to design the system that meets your needs best. Often times, this will involve more than one best of breed approach.

Typical Process Steps:


  1. We’ll sign an NDA to protect your IP and project.
  2. Review your application/project requirements, target host environment, status and desired timeline.
  3. Review the data elements of the system, along with determining the frequency of their presentment and availability to the decision making structure. This will include either the review of actual raw data, or the production and discussion of sample data that is deemed suitable for use in development to follow.
  4. Review the types of decisions that must be made along with the method of the delivery and availability of those decisions.
  5. Review all families of AI algorithms (as stated above) to determine the most appropriate approach (which may include multiple approaches). Note: Neural Networks may not be the best candidate, and therefore one or more of our other 50+ algorithms families may be better suited for your application.
  6. Develop a straw-man design of the decision making structure, including layout, approach and design.
  7. If your project requires natural language processing, we would begin building the ‘lexicon’ of syntax relative to the use domain.
  8. Provide a stand-in module (semi-functional prototype) for integration and process integrity check while actual custom AI development gets underway.
  9. Custom AI modular component development
  10. Delivery and integration of AI module(s)
  11. Testing and fine-tuning of structure and decision selection
  12. Ongoing support and maintenance

Example Project Application Areas:


Behavioral Tracking, Prediction and Recommendation
Behavioral Tracking, Prediction and Recommendation
Robotics – Movement, Decision Making
Situational Analysis and Threat Analysis
Natural Language Processing
Medical Diagnostics, Symptom Navigation and Dependency
Medical Patient Treatment and Therapy Management
Chat bots (interactive computer avatars)
Pattern recognition – image, signal or sequence based
Next Sequence Prediction – finance, genetics, games, behavior
Identity Systems
Games – non-player character behaviors
Advanced decision simulation for entertainment, defense
Automated customer service and management
Business and Industrial process automation
Financial Guidance and Support
Surveillance Systems Monitoring Prediction and Analysis

Cloud-based Artificial Intelligence

Integrate customized AI rapidly and easily into your web applications and website (no runtime or server code)

Rapid design and delivery of made-to-order artificial intelligence and expert systems. Easily integrate through single AJAX JavaScript calls. No runtime, no coding. We will build to your specifications. We can include natural language processing, search, geo-location, personal and IP identification service integration as well. (Excellent for rapid prototype development)

We Can Create Artificial Intelligence Software For


logistics and transport

Banking and finance