Product Propensity

Product Propensity

Predict what your customers will buy.
Even before they know themselves.

Increase Revenues through Increased Conversion

Mash-up your customers’ online behaviour from social networks like Twitter and Facebook with their historic purchasing behaviour and understand what will influence your customers’ future purchase decisions. Predict the product propensity of customers to buy certain products and integrate these predictions with your operational systems to automatically provide recommendations that increase your sales and drive revenue growth.

Increase Conversion

Identify customers with a high probability to respond to a campaign, to purchase your product, or to subscribe to your services.

Optimize Product Recommendation

For each customer, calculate product affinities and optimize customer targeting through biography- and affinity-tailored recommendations.

Improve Customer Experience

Anticipate what customers like or need and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Support Strategic Planning

Understand the customer-product segment matrix and be supported in adjusting your go-to-market strategies.

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